Charity One Insurance Agency, Inc. is the confident and sensible choice for nonprofits and social service agencies.

At Charity One Insurance Agency, we use an innovative business model that brings together the best of private-for-profit corporate strategies and the best of the nonprofit world’s commitment to service. We respect the important mission of each client and prospect. Our core services include counseling on specialized risk management to help you understand and wisely choose your insurance plans. We understand the unique funding contractual obligations faced by nonprofit and social service organizations. We are sensitive to special conditions, and we know how to protect your organization while you collaborate and partner with other nonprofit and social service entities.

Our professional resources, including continuing education seminars and state-of-the art industry standard electronic tools, keep us abreast of new developments in insurance programs and packages available to nonprofit and social service organizations. We are always up-to-date in our knowledge of legal insurance requirements that nonprofit and social service agencies need to obtain for referrals (for collaborations), grants, and contracts from a full gamut of funding agencies. We are well-informed about insurance protocols and compliance issues for local, state, and federal funding agencies, charitable organizations, and other funding sources that support nonprofit and social service organizations.

Most importantly, we offer policies issued by many superior-rated, A and AA+ companies that understand your needs and tailor policies for your specific risks. While our first priority is to obtain highly competitive premium quotes for your nonprofit or social service organization, this is not our only concern. We are equally committed to providing your organization with comprehensive coverage that will take action in the event of a loss and will protect the reputation of your organization. We willingly go the extra mile to ensure that all of your risks are factored into your custom-designed programs and plans.

For example, we realize the importance of including special event liability coverage if your organization hosts fundraisers or participates in special events. We work diligently and aggressively on your behalf to obtain the most competitive quotes available for your class of business – and for your specific projects and activities. We shop the market at no cost or obligation to your organization. We present you with professional proposals to provide to your board of directors for their review. We are able to offer these complimentary services because we sell more than 90 percent of our quotes. Our extraordinary high level of customer satisfaction has made Charity One Insurance Agency a financially stable insurance brokerage firm.

Our practice of fair-pricing is one reason why we have such a high rate of retention as well as financial stability. We understand the financial ups and downs of the nonprofit world. We are often able to obtain premium rates that remain stable even in the face of external rising insurance costs in the wider business world.

We are proud of our high rate of customer retention. Many of our nonprofit clients are renewal organizations that either continue their present policies or expand their insurance coverage with us. At the same time, our new client base is increasing at a steady rate every quarter. Our nonprofit-savvy insurance professionals are always available to ensure that each client, new or old, receives superior service.

To request no-cost, no-obligation insurance quotes from our preferred partner companies, please contact us.

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