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Risks Faced by Nonprofit Organizations & How a Nonprofit Insurance Can Help?

Nonprofits are a powerful force for good in society, and many people choose to support them through volunteering, donating, or working for them. However, time and again, these influential organizations face many risks and uncertainties that often remain overlooked. And this overlooking might affect these organizations big time. From liability claims to cyber-attacks, property damage, […]

Why Do Nonprofit Organizations Need an Insurance?

Nonprofit organizations play an essential role in our society, addressing social issues and providing vital services to communities. However, just like any other business, nonprofit organizations face various risks and potential liabilities that can threaten their operations. That’s why it’s essential for nonprofits to protect themselves with the right insurance coverage. Nonprofit organizations need insurance […]

New Laws Affecting California Employers and COVID-19 Reporting

Governor Newsom signed SB 1159 on September 17, 2020 that created new laws that significantly affect California employers who have employees who test positive for COVID-19. One of these, Labor Code Section 3212.88 applies to California employers who have 5 or more employees. The law says if a COVID-19 outbreak takes place at a place […]

Using GuideStar As A Tool for Nonprofit Organizations

According to their website, GuideStar gathers, organizes, and distributes information about nonprofits in the United States. They gather data from various public sources and aggregate the data into GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles, one profile for each organization in the database. Each nonprofit is encouraged to update their profile on the website, which is available free of […]

Insurance Response to COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 acute respiratory disease may cause a significant economic impact for Nonprofit & Social Service Organizations. Numerous cities across America have closed popular gathering places including sports facilities, schools, theaters, museums and other venues to limit the spread of the virus. Business closures and lost sales has lead to inquiries regarding business […]

NEW Insurance Program – Insurance for Residential Care Facilities 

Charity One Insurance Agency is proud to launch our new insurance program specifically designed for Residential Care Facilities! After over 19 years of providing insurance coverage to Nonprofit & Social Service Organizations, we are proud to have a program focused on Residential Care.  Our program focuses on providing coverage to the following homes: – Group […]

Organizations with Employees Need Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Over the years we have seen an increase in employee related claims and disputes. There is only 1 insurance product that will provide the coverage that you need when an employee dispute arises, Employment Practices Liability. Employment Practices Liability, also known as “EPL”, is a coverage generally purchased with Directors & Officers Liability. It is rated […]

Tips for Managing your Workers Compensation Insurance Policy

Workers Compensation can be a confusing policy to purchase. Completing a Workers Compensation Audit can be frustrating. Don’t allow this policy to be a source of annoyance, allow our office to analyze your insurance policy for discrepancies to avoid problems during your next Audit. The following is a snap shot of items to be mindful […]